French Immersion Kindergarten

A B C Guide

Here is some important information to use throughout the year. Please take the time to read these directions carefully so we all know exactly what to expect this coming year.

ABSENCES - Please call the school ( 980-343-5854 ) as soon as possible if you know your child will be absent or send an email to the school ( )
and Mme Ivy ( ).

ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES - Instruction promptly starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:00 pm. If you need to pick your child up early from school or bring your child late, please check in or out through the front office.

BEHAVIOUR - Behaviour effects the entire school day. If behaviour is out of control, then it makes learning difficult for everyone. We use a 4 color system in our classrooms. The colors are as follows:
Green: Good behaviour throughout the day.

Yellow: Warning and possible re-assigned seating . After the student has been warned three times about a poor behaviour choice, s/he pulls a yellow card AND sit out in Time Out for 10 minutes. From then on, the student will pull the following color cards and face the adequate consequences.

Orange: Separate Lunch OR 10 minutes off recess ( can remain physically active, but will stay away from classmates).

Red: Visit to the assistant- principal’s office. Teacher calls home.

Appropriate behaviour is always expected.
Above and beyond behavior (helping a friend or the teacher without being asked, solving a problem on your own, etc... ) is always acknowledged with lots of praises and assignment of important classroom duties or visits to designated incentive areas.
Participation in French will always be rewarded with stickers, Bon-Points, and treasure box visits.
A great week always ends with a visit to the treasure box!

BEHAVIOUR BOOKLET– Everyday, the behaviour booklet will be placed in the Blue Folder. Please, look at the booklet, daily, as it will indicate the color your child was on that entire day, then SIGN and return it to the blue folder.

BIRTHDAYS - We love to celebrate all of our students’ special day. You may bring store-bought cupcakes for the children that will be passed out during our snack time. If you wish to be present, then the celebration must take place during lunch time, at the cafeteria. Birthday invitations can be distributed at school as long as the teacher is notified first, and can discreetly place the invitations in the guests' respective Communication Folder. Understand that children’s feelings can get easily hurt when/ if they realize they have been left out.

BOOK ORDERS – Several times during the year, a Scholastic Book Order Form will be sent home. This book club has some excellent books at very reasonable prices. This makes for wonderful gifts as well as encourages children to read.

A parent volunteer will take charge of the orders.

Payments for these book orders should be made by check and directly made out to Scholastics Canada. Please, note that it takes approximately one month for the books to arrive after the order has been made.

CHANGE OF CLOTHES - In Kindergarten, children occasionally have "accidents". Please provide a complete change of clothes: a uniform shirt, uniform pants or skirt, socks and 2 pairs of underwear. Keep in mind seasonal changes and growth spurts!

CLASSROOM RULES - 1. Participate appropriately: Listen when someone else is talking / Speak and Participate during your turn.
2. Raise your hand for permission to speak and WAIT for your turn.
3. Follow directions QUICKLY.
4. Be KIND to yourself, your teacher, your classmates and the classroom material.
5. Walk in line, with your hands and feet to yourself.

COMMUNICATION - Should you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write a note or email, or call the office. Messages to the teacher need to be written and not verbally given by the student. The Blue Folder will be checked for messages.

DISMISSAL – It is VERY important to let us know about a change in the way your child is dismissed. If any change should happen, you must let us know about this in WRITING or EMAIL the office before 1:00 PM :
Early dismissal must occur by 1:30 PM. IMPORTANT: When notifying the office of a change of transportation, via email, provide your phone number so that the office staff may verify your identity and / or ask you additional questions.

EMERGENCIES - If your child is injured at school, you will be contacted by the school nurse or office secretary. It is very important that you keep your contact phone numbers up to date so we can reach you.

EMAIL- This is my main form of contacts with families. Contact me at:

FIELD TRIPS – There will be a few trips planned with our Kindergarten team. We will need chaperones during these trips.

FRENCH - While we establish our routines, the language used in class will be predominantly English but will quickly change to FRENCH. By the end of the Kindergarten year, students should be able to follow and give simple directions in French, sing French songs, write simple sentences, and decipher easy readers. Every student will be expected to repeat phrases and TRY answering or making requests in French.

GRADING POLICY - 1. Does not meet Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations.
2. Inconsistently meets Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations.
3. Meets Kindergarten Grade Level Expectations.
Each quarter, students will be assessed in French Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science. The assessments will include informal observations, as well as formal tests.

HOMEWORK - The main homework activity is to read for 20 minutes every day. Additional math and writing activities will be given to reinforce concepts studied in class, after the first quarter. It is important for your child to complete his /her daily assignment and return daily homework in the blue folder. Homework will be checked daily. Starting in November, students will need to study simple syllables / words for a weekly spelling test.

ILLNESS - It can be very difficult to decide whether your child should stay home or not. However, if a child is ill or has a fever, s/he should stay home. Students should not return to school until they have been fever-free for 24 hours. It prevents other children from becoming ill and helps the sick child recover faster in the comfort of his own home.

INDEPENDENCE – Kindergartners are encouraged to become independent very quickly. You can help them by asking them to find their class by themselves rather than walking them all the way to the classroom. During the first few days of school, you could walk with them, and then ask them to “guide” you. Repeat the process until you are certain that your child knows the way to class.

IMMUNIZATIONS – Kindergartners must have an up-to-date immunization record. Please check the immunization form.

LUNCH MONEY - It is preferable to prepay for the meals by putting money on your child’s lunch account. You can do so online, using the lunch number provided at the beginning of the school year, for your child. You may pre-pay for school lunch meals at Paypam . Please, do NOT give loose change to your child as it can be easily lost.

NEWSLETTER – My preferred way of communication is through email. I will be sending you a weekly email newsletter, throughout the year. I will only provide paper copies of the newsletters to the families without internet or email access.

Quick Good byes leave drier eyes! Since instructions begins at 8:15 am, it is important to leave the class promptly after dropping your child to class.

READING BOOKLET – As part of the daily homework, students are required to read EVERY DAY. At the beginning of the school year, you will need to record the title of each book in the booklet, daily, then you can encourage your child to do so. Reading booklets will be checked daily.

RED FOLDER – Everyday, red folders will be sent out to families with important information. There are two Pockets: "Keep at Home" and "Return to School". Please read and keep all the documents left in the "Keep at Home" portion of the folder. This compartment should be emptied every night.

Any booklets or documents left in the "Return to School" pocket, must be reviewed and signed by a parent, every night. The documents include the Behavior Chart, the Reading folder, homework and any school related document needing a signature.

SIGN-UP GENIUS - I will use this medium of communication to schedule conferences or volunteer activities.

SNACK – Make sure your child has a healthy and non-messy snack every day, beside his/ her lunch. Lunchtime is at 10:45 AM and children get very hungry by early afternoon.

TARDIES - School starts at 8:15 a.m. and students are considered late after that time. Students arriving to school after 8:15 a.m. will need to go directly to the office to pick up a tardy slip. If repeated tardiness occurs, you will be contacted by our school counselor.

UNIFORMS - Our elementary school children wear uniforms. Our colors are white, blue and khaki. Make sure your child is in regulation with the school dress code. Also any change of clothing should follow the dress code policy. Your child will need to wear comfortable shoes, preferably tie-less.

VOLUNTEERS - We LOVE our volunteers! Some things to help with include: making copies, being a party helper or supplier, supervising a center, taking pictures, and serve as a chaperone. You will need to register as a visitor at the LobbyGuard computer, located in the front office, and be issued a visitor badge, every time you come to our school.

WEBPAGE – Our class has a website! Check it frequently for important updates, weekly newsletter, homework, class pictures, etc... Do not forget to register to receive weekly updates!

ZERO Tolerance - There is a Zero Tolerance Policy. In our school, no children are allowed to talk of or bring any weapon, or toys that resemble a weapon, including guns, knives, etc... with the intent to hurt someone else. Please know that your child will be protected from this type of conduct to the best of my ability.

ZZZZZZ! Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. Setting and keeping a bedtime routine will help your child remain alert and ready to learn each day.