From Parents to Parents…


Based on our most recent survey, here is what our current families would have liked to know PRIOR to beginning their Kindergarten journey. Now you know!

1. In comparison to what you remember from a regular Kindergarten program, the French Kindergarten Program is :
¨ Comparable with other programs More rigorous ¨ Below your anticipations
2. Your child was ready / would have been better prepared for entry in a French-immersion Kindergarten program, based on the following statements:
Knew all letters and letter sounds in English
¨ Could read in English
Read numbers 0-10, counted to 30, and knew most basic shapes
Attended an academically-focused preschool: ESSENTIAL for most parents.
¨ Spoke French fluently
¨ Delayed school entry until emotionally and socially ready.
¨ Attended age-appropriate play groups to develop social skills.
3. What were the most difficult transitions for your child?
¨ Separation Anxiety
Big school environment: Hallways ¨ Restrooms ¨ Cafeteria ¨Playground
Transportation : ¨ Carpool Bus
Note: Parents reported that the LENGTH of transportation was an issue and impacted their child ( increased fatigue, difficulty participating in extra-curricular activities…).
¨ After-school programs
¨ Language
¨ Teacher
Sleep: Home ¨ Reduced School Naps
Note: Students were very tired after a long day of school and a long car or bus ride.
Academic demand (language program, assessments, etc…):
Note: Homework was an issue for tired children.
4. As a whole, how would you rate your experience with the French Kindergarten Program:
Enthusiastic ¨ Satisfied ¨ Below my expectations
5. Note the areas where you witnessed the most progress in your child’s overall performance:
¨ Social Maturity General academic performance French proficiency