Learning How to Read

Kindergarten is an exciting year: we learn how to put letter sounds together, decipher words, sentences and understand what it all means! In other words, we learn how to read!
The deciphering process is similar in French and in English. These are the steps we follow:
- Words are made out of sounds.
- Words have beginning sounds: lac , bol , vu
- Words have ending sounds: mal, car, fou
- Words are made out of chunks of sounds, called syllables.
- Longer words are cut in several chunks or syllables: a-ni-mal,
é-lé-phant , lun-di …
- Ending syllables that sound the same are called rhymes.
- When 2 letter sounds are connected together, they make another sound or phoneme.
O and U make “ou” (“oo”)
A and I make “ai” (“ e(y)”)
O and I make “oi” (“wah”)
- When you put sounds together, you can read a word:
l – a – c
- You can take all the sounds apart in a word you hear, so you can better write it.
“ mal” --> m – a – l à mal
- When you start to read or decipher, you connect letter-sounds together.





Directions: Say first sound “ l “.
Slide first sound out and add second sound: “ llll a “
Slide first two sounds and add third sound: “ lll aaa p “
Slide first three sounds and add fourth sound: “ lll aaa pp in”

- Reading Comprehension:
  • Words have meaning.
  • We use pictures to connect words to an image.
  • When we hear / read a word, we can make a picture of this word in our mind, or draw it on paper.
  • We connect a word to a picture.
  • We can write that word by sounding out each phoneme.
- A sentence is made out of several words.
- When we HEAR / READ a sentence, we can draw an image in our mind to understand what it means.